Affordable energy and gas for expats in the Netherlands

It’s always possible to save on your energy bill. UnitedConsumers offers energy at a low price with the best service for expats. It doesn’t matter whether you just arrived in the Netherlands or have been living here for years, at UnitedConsumers everybody is eligible for affordable electricity and gas.

Always discount on energy and gas

When you arrive in the Netherlands, one of the first things you need in your house is energy. But that’s not the only recurring fixed expense you’ll have to deal with. Every month you’ll pay for your mobile subscription and health insurance. How great would it be if you can save some money on those too? UnitedConsumers offers you the best discount on energy, health insurance, mobile subscriptions, fuel and car insurance as well. Money you can save to spend on fun things, like holidays or leisure. We guarantee your energy bill is as low as it can get, thanks to the buying power of our consumer collective with 500.000 active members.

Registration is easy

Apply now to save money on your power and gas bill. If you have any questions regarding our gas and electricity price, don’t hesitate to contact us at energie@unitedconsumers.com or call 040– 235 05 60. One of our English speaking energy advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

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