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Car Insurance Netherlands

A Car Insurance is mandatory for every resident in the Netherlands, when you own a car with a Dutch license plate. It's not allowed to own and/or drive a car without a car insurance in the Netherlands. UnitedConsumers helps you compare a range of car insurances from different brands, so there's always a car insurance that suits your situation.

At least 5% discount on your car quotes

Every car owner in the Netherlands is able to get a discount on the costst for their car insurance with UnitedConsumers. We compare car insurances of several companies and offers you the cheapest ones. In addition, you also receive at least 5% discount thanks to the UnitedConsumers Collective.

Car insurance Netherlands requirements

To make sure you're able to join the consumer collective it's important to meet the following conditions. First make sure you own a European drivers license and a car with a Dutch registered license plate. Besides that, it's important that you live in the Netherlands as well. Are you not sure about your situation? Give our service team a call and they'll explain your possibilities. 

  • You must have a European Union (EU) driving license.
  • Your car has a Dutch license number.
  • You live in the Netherlands.

Car insurances in the Netherlands

UnitedConsumers offers different types of car insurances. Depending on your situation and your car, you can choose one of these different coverages. In the Netherlands a basic WA coverage is mandatory for all drivers. It covers damage caused by you to third parties. With a limited casco or all risk coverage you can also claim damage done to your own car (by yourself) as well. 

WA coverage (third party liability)

The WA insurance is the mandatory and cheapest kind of car insurance. This car insurance only covers the damage you cause to others. Most people with cars older than 10 years old, choose for this basic car insurance.

WA limited casco coverage (legal liability + limited coverage)

This type of car insurance covers the damage you cause to others. Damage caused by yourself to your own car is not covered. A limited Casco does offer you a coverage for damages caused by theft, collision with animals, storm or window damage. This insurance is mostly chosen for 5- 10 year-old cars.

All Risk coverage (legal liability + all risk coverage)

This car insurance covers damage you cause to others and almost all damage done to your own car. This car insurance is recommended for people who just bought a new car or for people who can't take the financial risk to replace their car when needed.



WA Limited Casco

All Risk coverage

Damage to others

Fire, combustion, explosion and lightning
Theft, joyriding
Window damage
Collision with animals or birds
Natural disasters (eg storm)
Collision, skidding and hitting the water
Other external causes

Car insurance: Additional car insurances

You can add some additional car insurances to your basic car insurance. For more information about these additional packages we recommend you to contact our service team by mail or phone. 

  • No-claim protection
  • Insurance for your car accessories
  • Vehicle passengers insurance
  • Legal protection insurance

Car insurance deductibles

In case of damage, you will pay your deductibles, also known as your 'own risk'. You can choose different kinds of 'own risks'. In most cases, the car insurance will cost less if you choose a higher 'own risk'

If you have any questions about a car insurance in the Netherlands, please contact us at or call 040 – 235 05 60. One of our service advisors will answer your questions or reply to your e-mail for personal recommendations.

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