Health insurance for expats

When you are an expat and you are living and/or working in the Netherlands, a basic health insurance is mandatory. This basic health insurance covers the costs of (unexpected) medical care. Such as consulting a General Practitioner, hospital treatment and medication.

An additional insurance is optional and covers dental care at a higher monthly premium for example. You can put together your own healthcare insurance, based on your medical needs.

With UnitedConsumers, you will receive up to 10% discount on the basic health insurance from VGZ. The discounts are calculated automatically when calculating the premium.

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When am I required to obtain a Dutch mandatory health insurance?

  • When you have a (part-time) job or paid traineeship in the Netherlands
  • When you live in The Netherlands and do not have a job abroad

When you have arrived in The Netherlands, you must choose and close a mandatory health insurance within 4 months. It is not possible to take a health insurance without a residence permit.

What is covered by a basic health insurance?
A basic health insurance covers the most essential medical care:

  • Midwifery
  • Mental care
  • Hospital stays
  • Medication (prescribed medicines only)
  • Certain medical aids and health programs
  • Basic dental care (under the age of eighteen)
  • Visits and treatments by a General Practitioner
  • Hospital treatments and consultations with a specialist
  • Emergency medical care abroad up to the Dutch tariffs
  • Physiotherapy for people with chronic diseases/conditions

UnitedConsumers discount
With UnitedConsumers, you will receive up to 10% discount on the mandatory health Insurance from VGZ or a friendly premium for a health insurance from Bewuzt.. If you have any questions about our health insurance, please contact us at or call 040 – 235 05 60. One of our advisors will answer your phone call immediately. That is how we work.

What happens if I am uninsured?
If you are not insured, you will receive a letter from the Healthcare Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland), reminding you to apply for mandatory health insurance. If you do not enroll with a health insurance within three months, you will have to pay a penalty.

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