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Cheapest health insurance

Bewuste Keuze
€ 138,95 per month

  • 100% reimbursement for healthcare providers with a contract 
  • 60% reimbursement for healthcare providers without a contract vraagteken
  • Choose between 3 supplementary insurance policies


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Comprehensive health insurance

Basis Keuze
€ 139,95 per month

  • 100% reimbursement for healthcare providers with a contract
  • 70% reimbursement for healthcare providers without a contract
  • Choose between 7 supplementary insurance policies


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Complete health insurance

Eigen Keuze
€ 158,65 per month

  • 100% reimbursement for healthcare providers with a contract
  • 90% - 100% reimbursement for providers without a contract vraagteken
  • Choose between 7 supplementary insurance policies


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How does the Dutch health insurance work?

In the Netherlands, the government is mostly responsible for the accessibility and quality of the Dutch healthcare system. Therefore, the Dutch government determines the coverage of basic health insurances every year. Since the Dutch health insurance market is a free market, you can choose your own insurance provider. Whatever fits you the best!

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What is covered in the basic health insurance?

Every year, the government determines the coverage of the basic health insurances. The basic health insurance covers most of the basic medical expenses. It includes:

  • Medicines.
  • General Practitioner.
  • Help by physician specialists.
  • Midwifery and maternity care.
  • Hospital stays and treatments.
  • Dental care up to the age of 18.

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Our supplemental insurances

The additional health insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands. However, it can be very useful if you need for example extra physiotherapy or alternative healthcare. If you know what medical care you might need in the coming year, it can be wise to choose a supplemental health insurance. 

Supplemental insurances

€ 2,00 p/mth

€ 4,20 p/mth

€ 7,47 p/mth

€ 17,20 p/mth

€ 25,50 p/mth

€ 43,80 p/mth

Dutch health insurance own risk

When you have a Dutch insurance, an own risk applies (also known as 'eigen risico' in Dutch). The own risk means that there is a maximum amount of costs you have to pay per year for (basic) healthcare that you use that year. In 2024 the 'eigen risico' is set at € 385,- per year.

You'll only pay 'eigen risico' if you need healthcare from the basic insurance. You don't have to pay it in advance. The 'eigen risico' is mandatory for everyone with a Dutch basic health insurance. It doesn't apply to the supplemental or dental health insurances.

Compare dental insurances

A dental insurance is very commonly chosen in the Netherlands. This is because dental care for adults is not covered in the basic health insurance. By choosing a dental insurance, you are covering certain dentist costs. How much depends on which dental insurance you choose. 

Dental insurances

€ 7,20 p/mth

€ 15,35 p/mth

€ 26,98 p/mth

Nienke Wuits

wist je dat Did you know...

"A Dutch health insurance is mandatory for everyone over the age of 18, including your children. As soon as your child turns 18, your child must have its own health insurance in the Netherlands. Until then your child is co-insured."

Nienke Wuits - Expert in health insurances

Do I need a Dutch health insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory to take out at least a basic health insurance. You can add supplementary health insurances of your own choice. Only in specific cases you're allowed to not have a Dutch health insurance (yet). In example:

  • You left active military service.
  • You've lived abroad for a longer period of time.
  • You're a conscientious objector due to your religion.
  • The insurer terminates the health insurance due to non-payment.
  • You just turned 18 years old and have to choose your own insurance.
  • You've cancelled your Dutch health insurance but didn't choose a new one.

expat in the Netherlands

Expat in the Netherlands

If you work and live in the Netherlands, you are required to have a mandatory basic Dutch health insurance. It doesn't matter if you're from within or outside of the EU.

Make sure you are insured within 4 months after your Dutch residence permit commences. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact our healthcare professionals.

student in the netherlands

Student in the Netherlands

If you are studying abroad in the Netherlands for a while and don't work in the Netherlands, you are not obliged to have a Dutch health insurance.

In case you have a paid internship during your study, it’s important to check your insurance situation at the SVB. Also, if you start working in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out a Dutch health insurance.

about the Dutch health insurance

You can choose a Dutch health insurance every year from November 12th till December 31st. You can apply changes on your health insurance from November 12th till January 31st. 

Dutch health insurance halfway through the year

Do you want to change your Dutch health insurance after the 31st of January? You can switch your health insurance halfway through the year in the following situations:

When you have a Dutch health insurance, you may be eligible for healthcare benefits. The healthcare benefits ('zorgtoeslag' in Dutch) is a contribution paid by the government. How much you might receive, depends on your income. Visit the website of the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Administration) to calculate whether you are eligible for healthcare benefits.

If you are obligated to have a health insurance in the Netherlands, but did not apply for one, then you will receive a letter from the Centraal Administratie Kantoor (CAK), reminding you to apply for the mandatory basic health insurance. If you do not apply for a health insurance within four months of your arrival, you will be ordered to pay a fine.

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