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Health insurance in the Netherlands

A health insurance is obligated for everyone who works and/or lives in the Netherlands. By obligating this, the Dutch healthcare system stays affordable and accessible for everyone. Moreover, you can avoid overwhelming high hospital or other healthcare bills!

If you apply for a Dutch health insurance with us, we will give you a discount on all our basic insurances and all of our additional and dental insurances. Also, if you choose an additional or dental insurance, we will give you a dental accident insurance for free!

UC door VGZ

Health insurance Netherlands


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Dutch health insurance UnitedConsumers

Looking for an affordable and good Dutch health insurance? Then look no further! Because if you apply for a health insurance with us, you will receive up to 5% discount on the mandatory basic health insurance from one of the more popular insurance companies in the Netherlands: VGZ. Also, you'll receive a 15% discount on all of the UC ZorgZeker and UC TandZeker additional insurances. Thanks to our discount, you can save money that you can spend on something fun! 


Dutch healthcare: how does it work?

Every year - on the third Tuesday of September (Prinsjesdag) - the Dutch government decides what medical care has to at least be covered in the basic health insurance. As soon as the health insurance companies know what healthcare has to be covered by law, it’s time for them to determine their prices for the monthly premium. This happens on the 12th of November at the latest.

Because the Dutch healthcare system is based on a free market principle, there are several insurance companies that offer health insurance plans. For that reason, the prices and coverage can differ and it is advisable to compare health insurances. If you compare health insurances, you will find one which best fits your situation - for the best price. For example, elderly people obviously don't need the same healthcare as an 18-year old.

If you need any advice on what kind of Dutch health insurance fits your situation best, we highly advice you to contact our service desk. Our trained healthcare experts are happy to help you out with any questions you may have regarding your health insurance.

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Choose your health insurance

At UnitedConsumers you can choose three different kinds of basic Dutch health insurances. On the basic health insurances of VGZ we offer you a 5% discount. Each basic health insurance has a different coverage for contracted and non-contracted healthcare providers.

UC Basis Keuze

Natura polis

UC door VGZ

vink Contracted healthcare:
vink Non-contracted healthcare:
market rate coverage

€ 114,85 per month


UC Ruime Keuze

Natura polis

UC door VGZ

vink Contracted healthcare:
vink Non-contracted healthcare:
market rate coverage

€ 118,23 per month


UC Eigen Keuze

Restitution polis

UC door VGZ

vink Contracted healthcare: :
100% coverage
vink Non-contracted healthcare: 
max. 100% market rate coverage

€ 125,59 per month

Health insurance coverage

The basic health insurance covers most of the basic medical expenses. For specific healthcare, like physiotherapy or treatments by your dentist, you might need an additional insurance. This is what the basic health insurance covers: 


General Practitioner (GP)


Hospital care




Emergency medical care

Tandarts onder de 18

Basic dental care minors




Elderly care


Disabled care


Blood tests

Medisch specialist

Medical specialist


Medical transport


Mental healthcare

Additional health insurances

The additional health insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands. However, it can be very useful if you need for example extra physiotherapy or alternative healthcare. If you know what medical care you might need in the coming year, it can be wise to choose an additional health insurance. 

Additional health insurance UnitedConsumers

UnitedConsumers gives you a 15% discount on all the UC ZorgZeker additional health insurances. Also, if you add an additional insurance, you will receive a dental accident insurance for free! You can choose between three different additional supplementary insurances, which have different health plans:

UC ZorgZeker 1

UC door VGZ

vink Physiotherapy: 6 treatments
vink Alternative: € 150 max € 40 per day


€ 6,48 per month


UC ZorgZeker 2

UC door VGZ

vink Physiotherapy: 12 treatments
vink Alternative: € 250 max € 40 per day
vink Glasses and lenses: 1 pair of glasses per 3 years or € 50 for lenses

€ 21,12 per month


UC ZorgZeker 3

UC door VGZ

vink Physiotherapy: 24 treatments
vink Alternative: € 300 max € 40 per day
vink Glasses and lenses: 1 pair of glasses per 3 years or € 100 for lenses

€ 34,16 per month

Dental insurance

A dental insurance is very commonly chosen in the Netherlands. This is because dental care for adults is not covered in the basic health insurance. By choosing dental insurance, you are covering certain dentist costs. How much, depends on which dental insurance you choose. 

However, if you have good teeth, it can be cheaper to pay for the dental check-ups yourself, rather than paying for a dental insurance you barely use.

Dental insurance UnitedConsumers

UnitedConsumers gives you a 15% discount on the UC TandZeker additional dental insurances. Also, if you add a dental insurance, you will receive a dental accident insurance for free! You can choose between a dental insurance coverage of € 250,- or a dental insurance coverage of € 500,-. 


UC TandZeker 250

UC door VGZ

vink Dentist check-up: 100% coverage
vink Dental costs: max. € 250


€ 13,38 per month


UC TandZeker 500

UC door VGZ

vink Dentist check-up: 100% coverage
vink Dental costs: max. € 500
vink Orthodontics under 18 years: 80% max. € 1.000 with one year waiting time

€ 22,87 per month


Expat health insurance Netherlands

If you work and live in the Netherlands you are required to have a mandatory basic Dutch health insurance. Expats from within or outside of the EU also need a Dutch health insurance. Make sure you are insured at least within 4 months after your Dutch residence permit commences. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our healthcare professionals.

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Student health Insurance

Studying abroad in the Netherlands for a while? As long as you do not work in the Netherlands, you are not obligated to have a Dutch health insurance. If you are a student in the Netherlands, we give you the following advice:

  • In case you have a paid internship during your study, it’s important to check your insurance situation at the SVB.
  • In case you are sick or have complaints, just look for a General Practitioner in your area.
  • In case of an emergency you can call 112 for an ambulance.

Healthcare benefits

When you have a Dutch health insurance, you may be eligible for a healthcare benefits. The healthcare benefits (the so called 'zorgtoeslag' in Dutch) is a contribution paid by the government. How much you might receive, depends on your income. Visit the website of the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst) to calculate whether you qualify for receiving healthcare benefits.

What happens if I’m uninsured?

If you are obligated to have a health insurance in the Netherlands, but did not apply for one, then you will receive a letter from the Central Administration Office (CAK: Centraal Administratie Kantoor), reminding you to apply for the mandatory basic health insurance. If you do not apply for a health insurance within four months of your arrival, you will be ordered to pay a fine.

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